Renaissance 2014

An isolated tour ship captain headed for a space habitat in orbit around a unknown planet encounters a force that changes him, putting the last home of mankind in jeopardy.

Decomposing Tony Maslow

Decomposing Tony Maslow 2009

Distraught by a recent breakup, Tony moves into a new house while he finishes his latest book. But what begins as a peaceful setting for his composition, turns deadly. He finds himself implicated in a murder and locked in a fight for his life against someone or something in the house.

Palmer ha muerto

Palmer ha muerto 1962

Palmer is a famous star that accidentally witnesses the murder of the producer of the show he is working in. Soon after, a mutilated body appears on the railroad tracks and everyone believes it is the famous actor. His secretary, however, says she has seen him alive.


Classmates 2007

College classmates meet for a 10-year reunion, which does not go as smoothly as planned. Love is discovered, friendships are broken and secrets about tragic events in the past are revealed.


Flame 2015

When beliefs build barriers between humans; a Muslim waitress reveals that her Jewish customer is telepathically connected to her.

This City Sleeps

This City Sleeps 2014

Private eye Flint Ayers navigates through a labyrinth of bizarre characters and situations in search for a missing woman.

El 7mo ángel

El 7mo ángel 2000

After the fall of Lucifer, seven of the most powerful Angels joined their forces against God and tried to take over the Heavens. Their attempt failed... As punishment, they were vanished from the Reign and scattered across the Universe. All except one, who was to live on Earth among the humans without any notion of his true past. Now, at the end of the Millennium, the Angels have reunited, and descended to Earth in search of the missing one... Revenge is about to begin, mankind is in inevitable danger, and our only hope resides on the Seventh Angel.

The Clutching Foot

The Clutching Foot 1916

The famous scientific detective Justin Crécelle and his faithful assistant Walter Jymson seek to halt the deeds of the "Clutching Foot" gang, who attempt to kidnap Hélène, the fiancée of Justin, in both possible and ridiculous ways. The film is a spoof of the Les Vampires serials, with Musidora appearing in one episode in costume.

A City Under A City

A City Under A City 2016

By tunneling, workers discovered a network of cavities extending under the city. While investigating this phenomenon, a journalist get lost in this mysterious maze...


Catalan 1984

A short film created for Spanish TV touching on the subject of Catalonia's struggle for independence, interspersed with symbolic images.


Avam 1987

Indian Army Captain Amar Kumar lives with his father, Ram, and mother, Saraswati. Ram has been associated with top freedom fighters during India's struggle for independence from the British. Almost all of these freedom fighters had taken advantage of their involvement and have taken up important positions in India's administration, and these include Jagrathan, and Mohanlal. While others like Vaisakh Ansari and Ram have chosen not to.


BenD 2012

Ben (Colm Kearns) finds himself out of sync with reality, unable to function day to day or sleep in any regular pattern, after suffering a bizarre car accident. In the empty quiet night, Ben finds company in Elizabeth (Aisling Lynch), a lost and fragile woman, in search of her missing husband, and crosses path with a mysterious misfit from the world of the dead on a mission of his own. As Ben pieces together these strange circumstances, he soon realises that there are forces in the night of great danger to him and that his darkest nightmares may be coming true.

I Killed the Count

I Killed the Count 1939

Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Davidson is trying to determine who murdered the much-hated Count Matton. The dilemma isn't that the Detective is suffering from a lack of witnesses but that four different people have come forth to confess to the killing, each of them with plenty of motive and opportunity.

What Have You Done to Solange?

What Have You Done to Solange?

Loosely based on the Edgar Wallace mystery novel "The Clue of the New Pin", the film is set at an all-girls school where a killer is on the loose. A gym teacher who has been sleeping with one of his students becomes a suspect and sets out to find the real killer.

Invisible Eyes

Invisible Eyes 2009

After a glamorous career as a successful model, Gaby must start a new life, away from the catwalk and the limelight. But she cannot bring herself to accept that the peak of her career is now behind her. In an effort to lift her spirits, Dan, her manager, lets her spend a week in his country house. Very quickly, Gaby starts to feel a strange presence in the house. She has the eerie sensation of being watched. Dan suspects that her fear of becoming invisible to the world may be driving her mad.

La calavera negra

La calavera negra 1960

La Calavera Negra concerns a bunch of small Mexican town who must contend with a mysterious, disruptive figure known as the Black Skull. Many different people attempt to uncover the truth behind this frightening phenomenon. (Rotten Tomatoes)